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Live demonstrations at IFAT Munich

Car recycling with e-car special (BDSV)

From drinking water supply or wastewater disposal: IFAT Munich's supporting program offers insights and solutions for using water resources in work processes, including the optimization of water cycles.

Car recycling

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Water Skills—Professional Competitions (DWA)

For trainees and skilled workers: DWA presents the Open Championship for Wastewater Technology at IFAT Munich. Find out more!

Water Skills - Professional Competitions

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Pipe Fitting Challenge (DVGW / rbv)

Fascinating connection. Pipe networks are our underground infrastructure. In the pipe fitting competition, DVGW brings the high-performance water networks to the surface—in an incredible challenge.

Pipe Fitting Challenge

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Zukunft Rohrnetzbau (DVGW)

Demonstration Days Biomass (VDMA)

That's the way they shred today. Witness live and in action how biomass is perfectly shredded and sorted—an impressive live demonstration by the VDMA at IFAT Munich.

Demonstration Days Biomass

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Visitors see the latest biomass processing techniques at the live "Demonstration Days Biomass" demonstration

Crushing Zone (VDMA): live demonstration of the demolition and recycling of construction and demolition waste

Building material recycling live: demonstration of machines, excavators and attachments in the fields of concrete, steel and building materials. Learn more about the trending topic!

Crushing Zone

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Visitors watch the live demonstration "Crushing Zone" on the outdoor exhibition area at IFAT

The Truck in Action Show (VAK)

Colossal automotive engineering: from disposal and street cleaning to winter service—the new commercial vehicles have an efficient solution for everything. Don't miss this action-packed show in IFAT Munich’s outdoor area!

Truck in Action Show

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Sustainable Road and Sewer Construction Live (VDBUM)

New roads, but sustainable! The live demonstration "Sustainable Road and Sewer Construction Live" will show what intelligent solutions and innovations road construction has to offer. Including moderated demonstrations.

Sustainable Road and Sewer Construction Live

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Open-air area 8, Live Demonstration "Sustainable Road and Sewer Construction Live (VDBUM)"