Your accommodation in Munich

Helpful tips around booking your accommodation during IFAT Munich.

Hotel accommodation

Are you looking for a hotel, an apartment or private accommodation? For yourself or for several people? Would you like someplace traditional, or do you prefer something modern? For your accommodation search at IFAT Munich, we support you together with our partners in finding hotels and rooms.

Prevent fraud when using new hotel room providers

If you do not reserve your room requirements via our partners and possibly use a new hotel room provider for the first time, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:

  • Check the legal conditions on the website of the provider.
  • Are the documents sent to you by the agency/intermediaries (booking reservation, booking confirmation) specific to the accommodation you booked? If this is not the case, or if, for example, the hotel is mentioned, but in the text the commitment is relative (e.g., Hotel X or similar), it is possible that your booking can also be in another hotel.
  • Conduct a search on the internet to find out whether the company has a good rating or whether there are reports on the internet about dissatisfied customers or difficulties/possible irregularities.
  • Check the website of the provider for well-known references and ask for information there if you have any doubts.
  • Please check with the hotel if they have a partnership with the provider and if the provider has booked the rooms offered there.

Arranging hotel accommodation

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Book here your hotel during IFAT Munich.

Hotel Guide

Whether you are looking for a hotel in the city or on the outskirts of Munich for your exhibition or conference visit, our Hotel Guide features a wide range of hotels, B&Bs and guest houses:

Hotels in Munich

Private accommodation services

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Accommodation within the Munich area

Even outside the city of Munich, there is a huge variety of offers of accommodation—from hotels and guesthouses right down to holiday apartments.

To look for a suitable offer, please click here.

Munich tourism

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Accommodation inquiries and hotel reservations

Motor caravan camp site at Messe München

You can also travel to IFAT Munich with your own motorhome and spend the night in the north-east section of the exhibition grounds. The site is equipped with showers, sanitary facilities and supply and disposal facilities.

Cost per night: 79 euros (on departure by 12:00 noon the following day)

Further information

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May 12, 2024 from 12 pm until Mai 18, 2024 until 12 pm.


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