The Truck in Action Show (VAK)

Welcome to the VAK e.V. Truck in Action Show at IFAT Munich 2024! At this show, you can expect innovative developments from the vehicle and superstructure industry.

At IFAT Munich 2024 you can look forward to the fascinating live demonstration "Truck in Action" by VAK e.V.. This event is a celebration of power, performance and innovation in the world of municipal vehicles. Marvel at capabilities and features of the municipal vehicle industry from the areas of road maintenance, cleaning and waste disposal. A special focus is on innovations in the field of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

What solutions can I find here?

The live Truck in Action demo is a hub for the latest developments and solutions in the municipal vehicle industry. Visitors can explore innovative technologies, environmentally friendly models, safety improvements and efficient municipal vehicles and equipment. Whether you are interested in climate-neutral trucking or cutting-edge waste management, this show offers valuable insights into the future of the municipal vehicle industry.

Experience at IFAT Munich:

IFAT Munich 2024 offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of municipal vehicles and sustainable technologies. VAK e.V.'s “Truck in Action Show” is a focal point where you can experience live demonstrations, interact with industry experts and gain an initial understanding of the capabilities of modern municipal vehicles. VAK members from five working groups will send their trucks and machines onto the stage of the live demo and present the complete spectrum of municipal processes to the spectators. Take the opportunity to explore the live demo and deepen your knowledge of the evolving industry.


VAK e.V. is proud to work with respected industry partners to present the live Truck in Action demonstration at IFAT 2024. Our VAK members are leading innovators and key players in the municipal vehicle and equipment industry and contribute to the success of the event by presenting a diverse range of state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.


For enquiries, cooperation opportunities or further information on the "Truck in Action" presentation at IFAT 2024, please feel free to contact us: