The path to an emission-free sewer construction site (VDBUM)

Innovations around construction logistics, digital construction processes, emission-free or low-emission machines - these are the future topics in modern road and sewer construction, as well as measures for structural maintenance.

The association the construction industry, environmental and mechanical engineering e.V. (VDBUM) is a long-standing partner of IFAT Munich and also organizes its own area at each event, where they present the latest possibilities and functions using exciting live demonstrations. At IFAT Munich 2024, the theme of the area will be “The path to the emission-free sewer construction site”.

The IFAT motto of VDBUM e.V. from May 13 to 17, 2024 "The path to emission-free sewer construction sites" will present the wide range of possible solutions in drive technology. IFAT Munich is the ideal platform to discuss the drive systems of the future with clients and contractors of sewer and pipeline construction projects. The path towards emission-free sewer construction sites has been taken. Whether municipal utilities, water and wastewater companies, construction administrations of municipalities, federal states, the federal government, Autobahn GmbH or DB Netz AG are looking for practical construction site processes in the transformation to sustainability for tenders in close cooperation with construction companies. The aim is nothing less than to implement the major social task of making the construction infrastructure fit for the future. The requirements for construction machinery and equipment are to be used on "emission-free sewer construction sites". The VDBUM and its demo partners want to discuss the path to this with visitors and demonstrate it in a practical way.

Schnittjer, Dieter
  • Board member of the German Association of Construction, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (VDBUM)
  • Managing Director of VDBUM Service GmbH

Experience at IFAT Munich:

Alternative fuel concepts will be discussed and presented during the demonstrations. Attachments will be shown that offer extremely effective process options for recycling. This is an important topic when companies are also tasked with recycling as part of a construction site and require the appropriate technology. In general, the VDBUM will be focusing on sewer construction at IFAT Munich 2024 and will also be highlighting different forms that are already being used by companies today or will be used in the future.

Together with its partners, VDBUM will occupy a total area of 2,500 m2 at IFAT Munich 2024. 2,000 m2 will be used for exhibits and 500 m2 for the demonstration area. The VDBUM has two major construction machinery manufacturers on board to represent the earthworks sector, and a suction excavator company will also be there. Trenchless shoring, compaction technology and attachments that can carry out valuable preparatory work in the recycling industry or replace larger machines for certain activities will be presented. There is a great demand from construction companies who want to increase the capacity utilization of their excavators with powerful attachments and at the same time be able to dispense with equipment that is only rarely used. Ultimately, a mix of all systems, equipment and machines that can be found in sewer construction will be presented, without comparing them to a competitor's product.

The four daily demo shows last a maximum of 30 minutes and are designed to be entertaining. For the first time, visitors will be offered a grandstand so that they can experience the demonstrations with even more concentration and the best possible view. Afterwards, VDBUM and its partners invite interested guests to deepen their impressions over coffee and a snack and to make further contacts. The association sees the networking of industry players and the transfer of knowledge as its main tasks. In particular, there is a lot to discuss on the focus topic "The path to emission-free sewer construction sites". Municipalities, cities, federal states and the federal government are increasingly issuing invitations to tender in the direction of CO2 assessment. The VDBUM wants to talk to its guests about what the industry can expect in the course of the "climate-neutral construction site", which solutions companies need and which already exist. Of course, the VDBUM would also like to take away from the discussions what its member companies expect from the association in this regard so that they can be represented even better and in a more targeted manner.

Participating companies:
Komatsu Germany GmbH
Volvo Construction Equipment Germany GmbH
Wacker Neuson SE
Avant Tecno Deutschland GmbH
Wolf Technik für Baumaschinen
Tibatek GmbH
Qiky GmbH
Steelwrist Deutschland GmbH
Kuhn Baumaschinen Deutschland GmbH
KRD Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
M&R Maschinen u. Fahrzeughandel GmbH


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