Demonstration Days Biomass (VDMA)

The preparation technology for biomass is developing rapidly. The Waste Treatment and Recycling Association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) will demonstrate large mobile machinery.

Experience live: Processing technology for waste wood, green waste and logs

IFAT Munich also means VDMA Praxistage: large mobile machines live in action for the recycling of waste wood, green waste and logs.

At the VDMA Praxistage, solutions will be presented on how the renewable raw material biomass can be processed efficiently and therefore optimally processed. The DNA of the VDMA Praxistage is user-oriented—the live demonstrations are divided into six segments and tailored specifically to the respective user-related target group:

Six segments

Machine combinations for waste wood

Machine combinations are becoming increasingly popular for processing waste wood. The shredded waste wood is directly screened in a second step and is thus immediately ready for optimal processing.

Waste wood shredder

Shredding waste wood is the first but necessary step in making the renewable energy source usable. This is where high-tech technology comes into play.

Waste wood screens

In order to make shredded waste wood usable, it has to be separated from impurities and divided according to the size of the grain. This requires state-of-the-art screening technology.

Green waste shredders

Branches, shrubs and green cuttings are natural waste products from pruning and landscape maintenance. Modern and efficient shredders are needed to put the natural waste to good use.

Green waste screens

Even when shredded, branches, shrubs and green waste still contain impurities that impair efficient use. Modern screening technology is used to separate the materials.

Root wood

Heating systems that run on woodchips are CO2-neutral. Modern technologies are needed for the efficient production of woodchips. The VDMA Praxistage present these technologies.