Crushing Zone (VDMA)

Large machinery for large tasks! In the EU, construction and demolition waste represent the largest waste fraction.

At the VDMA Crushing Zone, you will experience the technical developments that are available to enable the highest possible quality in recycling. The VDMA Crushing Zone focuses on three elementary steps: deconstruction (demolition), shredding (crushing) and preparation/screening of materials. An impressive live demonstration, which is only available at IFAT Munich’s outdoor area.

Deconstruction (demolition)

A well-regulated deconstruction is the backbone of building’s entire demolition. Besides manual dismantling, it is mainly demolition shears on the excavators that facilitate precise dismantling a building. Be there live at the VDMA Crushing Zone when excavators with gigantic demolition shears cut and demolish with surgical precision.


All components deconstructed, no matter how detailed, must be crushed so that they can be processed. A task for crushers that make an easy job of hard concrete. Be there live at the VDMA Crushing Zone when concrete is crushed, and reinforcement is sorted out.

Processing/screening (preparation)

After crushing, modern screening and processing plants sort out the individual components of the construction and demolition waste. Be there live at the VDMA Crushing Zone where state-of-the-art screening and processing plants process mineral waste into a new valuable raw material.

The handling of construction and demolition waste is undergoing change. New legislation and new technology in construction create additional challenges—but also new opportunities. In the Crushing Zone by VDMA’s Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology Association, you can learn all about the practical processing of construction and demolition materials. Find out more about the efficiency of demolition and mechanical processing in moderated demonstrations and discuss with experts about optimal solutions.

Exhibitors interested in participating should contact VDMA:
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Demolition, breaking, processing

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