Digitalisation in the water industry (DWA)

The digital transformation of the water industry is in full swing. In collaboration with the Emschergenossenschaft, the DWA will be demonstrating the use of various digital technologies, including the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the use of simulations and many other examples. Of course, the practical use of IT security will also be demonstrated.

Spotlight area "Digitalisation in the water industry"

Here you will get an overview of the various technologies and their possible applications. Which technologies/topics will be on show?

  • IT security: How do I use the water industry standard (B3S)?
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM): Which standards can be used?
  • Simulations: How can simulations be used for training purposes, e.g. incident management?
  • Early warning: Which tools can be used for early warning, e.g. for flooding?

The DWA's Spotlight Area "Digitalisation in water management" provides orientation on digital technologies and their possible uses/applications in practice.

We also present core theses on "Digitalisation in water management". The core theses will help you and the players in the water industry to prepare for future developments.

Discuss the core theses with us. In the Spotlight Area, we offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts on digitalisation in the water industry.