Circularity for e-mobility (BDE)

Fit for the mobile future - BDE presents Spotlight Area "Circularity for E-Mobility"

In the "Circularity for E-Mobility" spotlight area battery and battery recycling will be the central elements of the demonstration, particularly around the individual "events" in the product cycle. However, since the production of cars requires a plethora of materials, the BDE and its partners from the automotive sector and other industries, will also highlight various materials that enable electromobility. For example, this will include the product cycles of metals and plastics. The message is clear: the vehicle of the future must be viewed as a complete package.

The demonstration will be rounded off with an appealing array of panel discussions, lectures and other presentations in the Spotlight Area. Among other things, the focus will be on the EU Battery Regulation, which comes into force in August 2023 and will have an impact on the production, use, and recycling of battery for e-mobility. Moreover, the Critical Raw Materials Act will also feature, which, like the Battery Regulation, is intended to provide a suitable framework for better recycling of raw materials within the EU.