How to recycle plastic: #MeChemical Solutions (VDMA)

The future is circular

What is on everyone's mind at the societal level is being driven forward politically by the EU Commission, Parliament and Council: the circular economy. More and more directives and regulations underpin the overriding goals of “Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle”.

Plastic waste in particular is a valuable resource, provided it is collected, properly sorted and then recycled. Thanks to enormous technological advancements in mechanical recycling, more than 32.5 per cent of European plastic waste is recycled, in Germany even more than 35 per cent. Just under 25 per cent is still landfilled and around 42 per cent is sent for energy recovery. In addition to gaps in the implementation and enforcement of European legislation, the still high levels of landfilling and energy recovery are due, among other things, to heavy contamination and material combinations as well as a lack of collection and sorting options in European member states.

Chemical recycling has the potential to close this gap and keep more material in the cycle. This is because thermochemical processes can be used to break down composites into their individual parts again, so that material of virgin material quality can be recovered.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer CCPE(Cluster of Excellence Circular Plastics Economy ), the VDMA will be presenting what exactly "chemical recycling" is and what the associated processes can achieve in Hall B4 Stand 239 and 338.

Visitors will experience a tour through the world of recycling: Starting with preparation for recycling and ending with the new product, the path leads via mechanical or chemical recycling. The visitors will gain insights into the processes of pyrolysis, solvolysis and gasification and recognize the potential behind them. For an improved tomorrow and a better future.

The VDMA Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology; Air Handlings Technology; Valves; Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology; Pumps + Systems and Process Plant and Equipment trade associations look forward to your visit!