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How can we ensure a high standard of living for the growing global population without plundering our natural resources or becoming lost in a sea of trash? The answer: by adopting a consistent, smart, closed-loop management system. In addition to the continued rise in global standards of living, there remains a high demand for innovation—even existing recycling processes that operate effectively can always be improved upon. Moreover, international environmental technology companies are increasingly trying to apply viable, ecological, and cost-efficient recycling systems to new waste streams and groups of substances.

Waste and secondary raw materials—the process chain

Recycling waste means feeding raw materials back into the loop. To do this, a multitude of highly complex process chains consisting of collection, transport, sorting, and treatment need to be created. Household waste, packaging waste, old cars, construction waste, electronic waste: The variety of recyclable waste types is vast, as is the range of products and solutions offered by exhibitors at IFAT Munich.

Sometimes highly specialized, they offer an array of technologies ranging from modern collection vehicles (some equipped with hybrid engines) to hard-wearing, energy-saving shredding machines and fully automated sorting systems.

Whilst waste recycling is preferable to waste disposal, there are still significant volumes that need to be transported to landfill sites. IFAT Munich exhibitors have a plethora of state-of-the-art technologies for this, too.

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Refuse collection and transport • Vehicles and superstructures • Refuse treatment and recycling • Biological treatment and composting • Landfills • Plants and equipment for the recycling, conditioning and utilization of secondary raw materials • Transmission engineering, fluid technology and power generation units • Accessories and wear parts • General purpose equipment, devices and accessories • Accident prevention and safety

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IFAT covers a broad spectrum of the environmental industry: Water, wastewater, waste and secondary raw materials. The exhibitor directory provides an optimal overview of the exhibitors in the individual segments.