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Sustainability in road construction and maintenance

Building material, Processes, Machine technology, Digitization: Road construction is breaking new ground—and is confronted with three crucial questions:

  • How can roads and paths be built in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way?
  • How can roads and paths be built and operated in an economical way?
  • How can functional quality also be ensured in the future?

To meet the challenges, the building materials and construction methods used are carefully selected as early as the planning and tendering stages of the construction measures. Intelligent and comprehensive infrastructure management with sustainable maintenance measures ensures sustainable management right through to efficient concepts for dismantling. There is no question that digitization and technological progress, such as zero-emission machinery, play a decisive role in this development.

New technical processes, innovative building materials and pioneering machine technology will determine the coming years.

Sustainable road construction is the mainstay for future mobility in urban areas. At IFAT Munich, exhibitors can present their ideas.

Product Index

Demolition processes • Pre-sorting • Process Chain Crushing • Conditioning • Utilization • Processes of Installation • Materials for Road Construction • Digitalization •Research and technology transfer • Road construction services

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