Discover and experience drinking water (DVGW)

Virtual reality—experience innovations up close

The DVGW Spotlight Area “VR in the water industry” is well worth a visit! Would you like to take a look at the facilities that the Lake Constance Utilities are planning as part of the “Source of the Future. Water for Generations” project around lake Constance? Or even walk the sites yourself?

3D models and virtual reality make it possible! During the opening hours of the exhibition, visitors can pick up VR glasses and controllers in the “Spotlight Area” opposite the DVGW joint exhibition stand and walk through the design and as-built 3D models of the “Source of the Future” project, seeing and experiencing the planned and existing buildings and the built-in system technology.

There will also be a special program with presentations and another partner on two days of the trade fair. Take the opportunity to meet suppliers, manufacturers and developers of digital media in the water sector.y make it possible!