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A year until the start of IFAT Munich: Space almost fully booked

May 31, 2023

  • IFAT occupies 18 halls and large parts of the outdoor area
  • Strong international interest
  • The Federation of Germany Industries is a new partner of IFAT Munich with its Circular Economy Initiative

IFAT Munich is in the starting blocks: In just under a year, Messe München will open its doors again from May 13 to 17, 2024 for exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

The first registration phase has been completed so that the space allocation can now begin. Philipp Eisenmann, Exhibition Director of IFAT Munich, stresses: “Even though we expect to have to set up a waiting list in a number of areas, interested companies can still register at any time. Since we will no longer have any coronavirus and distance restrictions in 2024, we are considerably more flexible and will of course try to accommodate our customers’ wishes wherever possible.”

18 exhibition halls and large parts of the outdoor areas occupied

In 2024, IFAT Munich will once again occupy around 260,000 square meters, spread over 18 halls and large parts of the outdoor areas. Eisenmann goes on to say: “We currently expect all the available space to be occupied.” The layout will be based on the previous structures: Topics relating to water and sewage will be placed in the west, and providers from the fields of recycling and the circular economy in the east.

International demand once again very high

Demand remains high, both nationally and internationally. To date, companies from over 50 countries have registered. In addition, Canada, the U.S., France, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Korea, China and Japan are represented with joint stands. This demonstrates the advantage of the strong network with IFAT trade fairs in a wide variety of countries from Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and India, to China.

New official partner of IFAT Munich: BDI-CE

In the meantime, IFAT Munich is expanding its network of associations, with the exhibition management agreeing a partnership with the Federation of Germany Industries (BDI-CE) with its Circular Economy Initiative. The association stands for the necessary cooperation with industry and the will to create a genuine circular economy.

Holger Lösch, Deputy Director General of the BDI, explains: And Claas Oehlmann, Executive Director of the BDI Initiative Circular Economy, adds: “A holistic circular economy needs intensive cooperation between the value creation stages. IFAT Munich is the ideal place for developing a common understanding of circular success: from product design as the anchor, to production, marketing, use, return and reintroduction into the product cycle.”

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In 2024, IFAT Munich will once again occupy around 260,000 square meters, spread over 18 halls and large parts of the open-air site.