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IFAT Munich for industry, trade and the manufacturing sector

Sustainability from the entrepreneurial perspective. Find out how the environment and revenues can be perfectly combined at IFAT Munich—World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management.

What are the specific benefits for you as a visitor? For example, best practice examples for modern water and waste management. Or new strategies for optimized circular economy in production processes. In short: efficient solutions that not only benefit our global resources, but also your budget.

IFAT Munich | Our most important resource? The future.

What does IFAT Munich offer you?

  • Spectacular live demonstrations
    At our live demonstrations , you will witness how resources are used efficiently and work processes are organized to reduce costs.
  • Professional event program
    In many informative lectures , experts will provide practical and competent insights into the possibilities of intelligent recycling of plastics and packaging materials as well as of process water treatment.
  • IFAT Munich provides an overview of global solutions and efficient strategies for sustainable environmental technologies. Get ready to experience around 3,000 exhibitors and worldwide innovations.
  • Topics such as: intelligent recycling for trade and logistics service providers with innovations in packaging materials and plastics recycling, resource-saving handling during the production process and many more.