Professionally individual: e-mailing online vouchers

Send online vouchers by customized e-mail

To provide the best possible support for this option, we offer you a sample e-mail to invite customers. This option offers individualization possibilities but requires careful handling of the voucher numbers.

Ticket via E-Mail
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Your checklist—what you should bear in mind

  • When sending online vouchers by e-mail, you cannot track who you already invited. Hence, please make sure to not assign online voucher numbers and online voucher links twice.
  • Everything your clients need to know for redemption you will find in our customizable sample mail to invite customers.

Additionally, the striking voucher banner with link to the online registration offered in the IFAT Munich Exhibitor Shop can be used free of charge.

How to organize the e-mailing of online vouchers

  1. Sign in to the IFAT Munich Exhibitor Shop with the Messe München account login details.
  2. In the section Passes and tickets, click on Vouchers for visitor tickets (for ticket management) and order the desired number of online vouchers.
  3. After having successfully placed your order, you will receive an Excel list with voucher numbers and links which you can also download under the section Ordered vouchers.
  4. You create your own mailing campaign and integrate the voucher links into your invitation mail manually.

Good to know

Why is it necessary to register vouchers prior to the event?

Important for your customers: the vouchers can only be used when they registered online in advance. Online vouchers cannot be redeemed at the entrance.

How to prevent problems with ticket loss / pass control / lead management

To prevent problems with ticket loss, pass control or lead management, do not redeem several vouchers in your own name or by using a wrong name / e-mail address for your clients.

Information for Scan2Lead users

Data can only be recorded by scanning if the visitors registered online.

What am I charged for?

As a matter of course, we only invoice the vouchers that are actually used to access the trade fair.

You can track the status in the portal under the section “Manage vouchers and invitations”.

We will also charge vouchers that your clients used in case you cancel your participation.

How to manage redeemed vouchers

Already prior to the event, you can see who redeemed your voucher and you can contact the clients again.

Ticket resale

The resale of vouchers is not permitted.