GoGreen Pioneers

Making your own trade fair presence sustainable in all its forms is no easy task. But even the smallest measure can make a real difference and pave the way for further changes. That's why we are looking for exhibitors at IFAT Munich 2026 who can make their presence a little more sustainable through small or large measures - become a GoGreen Pioneer.

For IFAT Munich 2026, we are looking for exhibitors who are taking particularly creative, innovative, or consistent measures to make their trade fair appearance more sustainable. Share your GoGreen Story with us and become one of the IFAT Munich 2026 GoGreen Pioneers.

The GoGreen Pioneers will be integrated in various communication measures before and during the trade fair and thus receive increased visibility..

  • Increased visibility at the trade fair, completely free of charge
  • Digital media package that you can use for your communication
  • Poster in the GoGreen Lounge at Entrance East, where you can tell your GoGreen Story
  • Promotion through IFAT Munich's communication channels before and during the trade fair
  • Highlight in the digital exhibitor directory
  • Green booth number

  • What are the particular strengths of your sustainable trade fair presentation? The seven categories provide an overview of the sectors wich have the highest sustainable impact. You decide in which category you would like to tell your GoGreen story.

  • To minimize your effort, please limit yourself to a few essential elements.

  • Large and small trade fair appearances each have their own impact on sustainability. To reflect this, we take the stand size into account.

  • Please only provide information that you already have.

  • Every measure counts. Even smaller measures that are less significant in the life cycle assessment can be a powerful conversation starter to communicate your sustainable positioning.

  • The GoGreen Lounge is all about the strengths of your trade fair presence in terms of sustainability. It is NOT about the sustainability of individual products or your business model.

  • If you already have audits, certificates, seals, documents, reports or similar relating to key elements of your sustainable trade fair presentation, please simply submit them with your application!

1. Modularity and Reusability

Can the entire exhibition stand or its major parts be reused?
Does the stand's design and functionality lead to savings in material costs, assembly, customizability, and logistics?

Do you use materials for your stand that are eco-friendly, like being durable, reusable, recyclable, pure, and resource-efficient? Do you use recycled materials?

Have you set up a system to minimize waste or to sort waste into specific categories?

2. Climate Impact and Emissions

Have you conducted a climate assessment or audit for your trade fair? If so, what measures have you taken based on it?

Have you made any extra investments or taken steps to reduce your environmental impact?

Does your trade fair have any special environmentally friendly aspects you'd like to share?

3. Stand Equipment

This category is about all the materials used in your trade fair stand, going beyond the stand itself. What furniture or technical items at your stand are used multiple times?

Have you taken steps to reduce the amount of advertising materials, improve their quality, or stopped using less sustainable ones?

Do you use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and methods for your stand?

4. Catering

Does your catering focus on local, seasonal and / or plant-based foods?

Does your catering have any sustainability certifications?

Do you avoid using disposable plates and cutlery?

5. Concept, Communication and Storytelling

Is your sustainable trade fair presentation especially unique and creative?

Have you consistently included the main idea of your sustainable trade fair participation into your communication measures?

6. Partnerships and Responsibility

Have you used local sources for materials, transport, and storage for your trade fair?

Have you worked with service partners who are experts in sustainability for your trade fair?

Do you have long-term partnerships with other companies to meet sustainability goals for your trade fair?

7. Mobility

Do you offset the carbon emissions from unavoidble long flights taken by exhibitors and guests, or encourage them to do so?

Do you have policies or incentives for employees and guests to choose train travel for medium distances in Europe?

Are there policies or incentives for using public transport in Munich for employees and guests?