GoGreen Ticket—together sustainable for a green future!

Over 16,000 tons of CO₂ were offset thanks to the great support from our exhibitors and visitors. 30 percent of all IFAT Munich 2022 tickets were GoGreen tickets! A great step towards the future, an important step for our environment.

These projects were supported

The CO₂ emissions were offset in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, demonstrably make a positive contribution to sustainable development locally and regionally.

Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda

The primary objective of the program is to disseminate water purification systems to low-income households and institutions such as schools, starting in Uganda. Carbon finance is used to give households access to the clean water technologies thereby improving the livelihoods and health conditions of thousands of people and at the same time reducing CO₂ emissions by reducing the consumption of non-renewable firewood and charcoal.

Situation without project:
Water purification by boiling with non-renewable wood and charcoal

Yearly CO₂ reduction:
61.399 t

Your support contributes to the following 8 Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG1 - No poverty
Over 130 tons of firewood can be saved by a school on average per water filtration system.

SDG 3 - Good Health
More than 210,000 pupils benefit from the installed systems.

SDG 4 - Quality Education
Thanks to clean drinking water, pupils are ill less often and can attend school more regularly.

SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitary facilities
One school can treat 457,000 litres of drinking water per year.

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production
354 water filter tanks and water treatment filters have been installed so far.

SDG 13 - Climate Actions
50,000 tonnes of CO₂ are saved per year.

SDG 15 - Life on land
1,266 hectares of forest saved from deforestation.

SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals
Development, transfer and distribution of environmentally friendly water treatment technology.

Transforming waste into biogas in Vietnam

This carbon offset project effectively helps both fight climate change and access to clean energy by building biogas plants in communities across rural Vietnam. For farmers in Vietnam, using waste to generate clean, sustainable energy saves them precious income while improving their family’s health and the environment.

Situation without project:
Using firewood and kerosene for cooking

Yearly CO₂ reduction:
430.000 t

Your support contributes to the following 11 Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 1 - No poverty
850,000+ people save on fuelwood costs and financially benefit from increased yields. Costs for fossil fuels are reduced by 60 per cent.

SDG 2 - Zero hunger
More than 60% of the households use the bio slurry as organic fertilizer and replace chemical fertilizer.

SDG 3 - Good health and well-being
More than 850,000 people benefit from better air quality in the houses resulting in less respiratory and eye problems.

SDG 4 - Quality education
2,757 local people trained as biodigester district technicians, masons and supervisors since program start.

SDG 5 - Gender equity
The program contributes to a reduction of 1-1.5 hours/day spent on collection of wood, cooking and housework for women and children.

SDG 7 - Affordable and clean energy
In 2019 more than 166m kWh clean energy were produced.

SDG 8 - Decent work and economic growth
2,700+ jobs have been created (e.g. masons, electricians etc.)

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production
2 tons of firewood per installed biodigester per year for cooking is replaced. A quality management system ensures the plant's efficiency and sustainability.

SDG 13 - Climate actions
Since program start already more than 3 million tons of CO₂ emissions avoided.

SDG 15 - Life on land
15,935 hectares of forest preserved since program start (that’s 25,000 football pitches).

SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals
The program will promote the development, transfer, dissemination and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies to Vietnam: In total more than 171,000 biodigester plants have been installed so far.

Less deforestation of the rainforest due to efficient cook stoves in Kenya

Locally produced efficient Upesi stoves reduce wood consumption in Kenya and help to preserve the unique vegetation and biodiversity of Kakamega rainforest. The stoves have a cleaner burning process and thus decrease indoor air pollution and associated acute respiratory infections in women and children. Moreover, savings in burning unsustainably harvested fuel wood cut down CO₂ emissions.

Situation without project:
Use of non-renewable biomass fuels

Yearly CO₂ reduction:
231.636 t

Your support contributes to the following 10 Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 1 No poverty
Households benefit from having to spend less time for collecting firewood. A household saves on average 124 hours per year.

SDG 3 Good health and well-being
94% of beneficiaries say that indoor air quality has improved.

SDG 4 Quality education
The project conducts various training programs with over 400 people each year.

SDG 5 Gender equity
376 women receive an income earning 5 times more than what they made prior to the project.

SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy
373,000 people benefit from efficient and clean cooking.

SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth
483 people receive an income earning 5 times more than what they made prior to the project.

SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production
Each stove reduces firewood consumption by 2.3 tons per year.

SDG 13 Climate actions
Each stove avoids about 3.3 t CO₂e per year.

SDG 15 Life on land
The project saved so far over 731,000 tons of firewood equaling 2,194 ha of rainforest.

SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals
65,000 efficient cook stoves have been installed and 10 stove production groups have been established.

Please note

The content on this page refers to IFAT Munich 2022. Information on IFAT Munich 2024 will follow here from winter 2023/2024.

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Everyone can make their contribution to climate protection – including you as a visitor to IFAT Munich 2022. That is why we would like to offer you the opportunity to quickly and easily offset your CO₂ footprint at the exhibition. By paying an offset fee for the average CO₂ consumption of our visitors at the last IFAT, you are making a significant contribution to promoting climate protection projects. This offset fee of €6 will be invested in three high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, demonstrably make a positive contribution to sustainable development locally and regionally. Let's walk the path to a greener future together.

What is it?
What's in for you?
What you can do additionally?
What is supported?
Who does it?

“Climate change is a global and generation-wide challenge that we must also face as a company. Our exhibition grounds already feature many environmentally friendly facets, from geothermal energy and photovoltaics to large scale greening. As Messe München, we want to strengthen our "green footprint" and be CO₂ neutral by 2030 at the latest. That's why we're also appealing to our visitors, exhibitors and partners to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and take an important step toward a more sustainable future together with us."
Stefan Rummel, Managing Director Messe München GmbH

Benefits of the GoGreen Ticket

Emissions-neutral visit to the trade fair by paying a flat fee for your CO₂ consumption

By offsetting your CO₂ consumption by recognized methods via myclimate, you will actively help to protect the climate.

Support for sustainable, renowned climate protection projects

Your offset fee will directly go to three high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects whose development you can follow transparently.

No additional effort compared to purchasing a regular ticket

GoGreen Tickets do not consume any additional resources.

High visibility as a green visitor thanks to your GoGreen Badge

As a green visitor, you will draw other visitors’ attention to the importance of climate protection and literally become an ambassador for the myclimate climate protection projects.

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Set a good example – for climate protection.

Spread the word!

Use our posting suggestion to draw the attention of colleagues, acquaintances and friends to the GoGreen ticket.

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I support GoGreen and offset the carbon footprint of my visit to IFAT Munich from May 30 to June 3, 2022.
Offset the carbon footprint of your trade fair visit, too.
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“The GoGreen CO₂ Audit and our Code of Conduct for IFAT Munich show: We take climate protection and resource conservation seriously and want to realize the most environmental-friendly trade fair possible. We are aware that we still have many adjustments to make - and we will do this consistently in the upcoming years. The start has been made."
Philipp Eisenmann, Exhibition Director IFAT Munich

Consciously avoiding emissions

In addition to the GoGreen CO₂ Ticket, there will be other opportunities for you to avoid emissions, save raw materials and protect the environment during your visit to IFAT Munich 2022.

Climate protection on site

  • Drinking with Re-Cup: reusable cups, bottles or other containers are welcome at IFAT Munich. Feel free to bring your own to avoid waste.
  • Walking with a good conscience: no corridor carpets on the exhibition grounds and high rates of textile reuse support the deliberate use of resources.

Environmentally friendly travel

  • Climate-friendly journey: with IFAT Munich’s special Event Ticket for Deutsche Bahn your travel will be low emission . And thanks to the trade fair center’s excellent public transport connections to Munich you will always be right in the middle of the action.
  • Green refueling on site: 110 stations are available on the exhibition grounds for charging your electric vehicle.
  • Cleanly separated: strict recycling makes IFAT Munich even more sustainable, which is why we dispose of the waste resulting from assembly and dismantling as commercial waste for recycling. Recyclable materials can thus be returned to the economic cycle.

Combined forces

  • For greater sustainability – together: support and live our Code of Conduct for IFAT Munich 2022.

myclimate – our partner

The international initiative with Swiss roots is one of the world's quality leaders in voluntary CO₂ compensation measures. With its high-quality projects, myclimate drives measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. Emissions are reduced by replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energy, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies. Experienced consultants help companies in the field of CO₂ and resource management identify and develop potential. myclimate’s more than 140 climate protection projects so far have helped save 9.65 million tons of CO2, plant 13.7 million trees and create 16,600 jobs.


Harald Rettich
Sustainability expert myclimate
Am Messesee 2
Simon Rappold
GoGreen expert Messe München
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