More exchange—more business: the IFAT impact Business Summit

The first IFAT impact Business Summit premiered from September 8 to 10, 2020. The aim of the international event? To gather the industry—and to drive it forward. Through innovative solutions, product presentations, a start-up stage, lectures and a B2B Matching platform for one-on-one meetings. And above all: through new sales potential—thanks to a clear edge on information and an intensive exchange within the global community.

Around 2,100 participants used the three-day Business Summit to gain an industry update, be present with their target group, network and initiate business. 1,554 exhibitor offers provided a comprehensive overview of innovations and much inspiration. And of course: ideal opportunities for a productive dialog and concrete business deals.

That was the IFAT impact Business Summit 2020


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participants from 104 countries


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What do the photos of a digital event look like? Gain some impressions and browse through the pictures of the summit. We have captured the most important topics, speakers and highlights for you.

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The Live Conference featured discussions about ways to a real circular economy and efficient water management. Enjoy the recordings.

All modules at a glance

  • Matching Planner
    B2B matching platform for one-on-one meetings.
  • Product Presentations
    Digital presentation stage for innovations and products.
  • Solutions Tours
    Moderated solution tours and presentations on current problems.
  • Start-up Stage
    Forum for industry newcomers and their innovative solutions.
  • Live Conference
    Top-class conference program on current industry topics.
  • Summit Program
    Three-day program with more than 1,574 program items.

Opportunities for the environmental sector

What was the intention behind the launch of the first IFAT impact Business Summit, what does it mean for the international community, and what opportunities does it offer for the environmental industry? Learn more in the live recording of our opening session.

A question of perspective

The Business Summit’s spectrum of topics was as broad as it was deep. How did the participants set their contextual focus? What questions will they be dealing with beyond the event? Read some of their statements.

Plastic is necessary for our lives. The only question is how we deal with it.

Perl, Michael
  • Session: From a yogurt cup to a new recycled product
  • SeSoTec GmbH

Africa is not suffering from water shortages. The problem is that the water does not reach the consumer because of many leaks or illegal discharges. The fight against water losses is therefore one of the central concerns of African water management.

Usher, Sylvain
  • Managing Director, Session: market insight Africa: Non-revenue water
  • African Water Association (AfWA)

One thing is clear: the coronavirus pandemic will pass, but climate change and environmental problems will remain. The demand for environmental technologies will continue to grow—as will the need for knowledge transfer and international exchange. IFAT offers adequate platforms for this—digital and analog.

Eisenmann, Philipp
  • Exhibition Director, Session: IFAT #OnWeGo—an outlook
  • IFAT

IFAT #OnWeGo—an outlook

Three days full of industry updates, innovation overview and exchange. What is the participants’ and organizers’ résumé, and what are the next steps? Our concluding session deals with the most important facts and figures—and gives an outlook on the future.