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New chances and possibilities for municipal hydrogen

Sustainable technologies are the future. And hydrogen is on the rise: novel processes facilitate zero-emission production from existing raw materials such as wastewater, garbage or biomass.

Beyond that, exciting examples of innovative applications are waiting to be explored.

At IFAT Munich, you can experience ...

  • innovative processes for tomorrow’s hydrogen production—for example by plasma analysis—in the theme area and throughout IFAT Munich.
  • the power of hydrogen in the true sense of the word—for example in the fuel cell-powered refuse collection vehicle.
  • how the municipal circular economy generates new energy from waste and at the same time creates added value for agriculture, for example thanks to the fertilizing qualities of carbon.
  • the possibilities offered by hydrogen for decentralized energy supply, demonstrated by various DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) research projects and the technical regulations.


Strong partners for green hydrogen


At an early stage, the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) recognized the importance of hydrogen. And today, as a rule-maker, research initiator and education provider, it is paving the way for the sustainable use of climate-neutral gases.

“In the future, a stable, economically viable and, last but not least, sustainable energy supply will depend on hydrogen—especially in the municipal recycling sector. As DVGW, we are preparing this path, for example with the set of rules for H2, which is currently being compiled. Our goal is to create reliable structures for generation and deployment processes that will benefit all stakeholders to contribute to a carbon-neutral future.”

– Prof. Dr. Gerald Linke, Chairman of the Board of the DVGW


The FAUN Group is dedicated to silent, emission-free, clean and sustainable freight and goods transport. As a specialist in municipal vehicle superstructures, it brings a great deal of experience in testing alternative drive systems.

The Group's explicit aim is to push forward the hydrogen economy in a mobile context—locally, nationally and internationally.

“We want many fuel cell-powered vehicles on the road fast. For this, we leverage our extensive experience in equipping waste collection vehicles with the BLUEPOWER fuel cell drive. The objective is an all-inclusive package of trucks on the road and, together with partners, to set up a decentralized H2 supply for maximum flexibility. The new hydrogen-powered vehicles can be refueled almost as quickly as diesel trucks and don't have to carry heavy battery packs.”

—Patrick Hermanspann, CEO FAUN Group


Graforce's plasmalysis process generates CO2-free and CO2-negative hydrogen from residual materials. The company thus makes a significant contribution to the economy's decarbonization.

Visitors to IFAT Munich can experience the entire process chain—from wastewater to refueling—at the outdoor area and at the demonstration area of the German Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association (VAK).

Dr. Jens Hanke, General Manager Graforce GmbH

“Green hydrogen from residual materials is a significant contributor to the circular economy and can reduce atmospheric CO2—thus turning residual materials into recyclables!”

—Dr. Jens Hanke, General Manager Graforce GmbH

Jointly discussing and shaping the future

Be there when hydrogen is discussed as tomorrow's energy: the panels held in English under the banner “Hydrogen and recycling management—a process vision to close the loop” with references to the technical rules of the DVGW welcome all those who are interested. The panels are held twice a day from Monday to Thursday.

Speakers DVGW
Dr. Michael Walter (Manager F&E Innovationsprogramm Wasserstoff)

Speakers FAUN Umwelttechnik
Paul Bruns (Business Development Manager Hydrogen), Lutz Tesmer (Project Manager Hydrogen)

Speakers Graforce
Dr. Jens Hanke (CEO), Max Höllmann (Project Manager), Karsten Opitz (Project Manager)

Lecture times:

Monday, May 30, 2022


Tuesday, May 31, 2022

13:00 and 15:30

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

13:00 and 15:30

Thursday, June 2, 2022


As a body specialist for municipal vehicles, the FAUN Group is committed to silent, emission-free, clean and sustainable truck and goods transport.
A machine for carrying out the Graforce plasma physics process to produce CO2-free and CO2-negative hydrogen from residual materials.
The graphic shows the vision of the municipal circular economy and the role of hydrogen in this cycle.