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3 questions to Prof. Dr. Uli Paetzel

President, German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA)

IFAT | What expectations do you have of the new federal government regarding water management?

Paetzel | As the water industry must be made sustainable and climate-proof, the new federal government has a lot of work ahead of it. For this purpose, the results of the National Water Dialogue are a good starting point that needs to be implemented. Improving water quality is just as much a part of this as increasing flood protection or adapting our cities to climate change. The water industry is a climate partner and stands alongside policymakers on these and other issues.

IFAT | What role can the European Green Deal play for the water industry?

Paetzel | Over the coming years, the European Green Deal will steer massive investments into sustainable projects and technologies. For the water industry, this means, for example, that when formulating performance targets, the conditions of existing plants must be considered, and that targets for saving energy consumption do not mean having to cut back on cleaning performance.

IFAT | What importance do you attach to IFAT Munich 2022?

Paetzel | Finally, IFAT Munich 2022 will take place again on site in Munich after a break to the coronavirus. Considering the major challenges facing the Greentech industry, this direct and personal exchange is very important.

So, I make this call: come to Munich!

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