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Digging deeper: Nikolaus Krüger about consequences of the Covid-19 crisis

Nikolaus Krüger, Chief Sales Officer, Endress+Hauser Group

IFAT | Amid the coronavirus pandemic, what is the biggest challenge in your business field?

Krüger | We want to protect people's health—and continue to provide our customers with the best support possible. Fortunately, we are successful in both. We were able to secure the supply of materials in our plants around the globe, and our logistics chains have remained intact. Endress+Hauser was and is able to deliver. In our contact with clients, we try to bridge the physical distance through digital and emotional closeness. Over the past years, we have developed our website into a powerful platform for all kinds of transactions, ranging from device configuration to ordering and tracking. And when customers require servicing we are always there—with remote servicing, which now also includes audiovisual support, or, if required, technicians on site.

IFAT | What opportunities do you see in your business sector in this crisis?

Krüger | Digitalization is experiencing an enormous boost right now. We have been working on many of these issues for years. Our measurement and analysis technology has long been delivering digital signals. We are now able to provide the necessary connectivity anywhere to evaluate signals and use them for digital services—even in existing installations. The coronavirus crisis has forced us all to explore new horizons. Many customers have seen how well, reliably, and safely the electronic tools work and how useful they are. This creates starting points for taking the next steps in jointly digitalizing processes and systems. The efficiency potential that is available—particularly in the environmental sector—is enormous!


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