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Digging deeper: Gerd Schreier about consequences of the Covid-19 crisis

Gerd Schreier, Managing Director, Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH

IFAT | Amid the coronavirus pandemic, what is the biggest challenge in your business field?

Schreier | For one thing, it is the logistics: since the supply chains do not function as usual, we need to use a lot of creativity and energy to procure parts and components. The same applies to the shipment of spare parts or machines to our customers throughout the world. We would like to visit recycling centers with our distributors and jointly work out solutions for their customers, conduct training sessions, carry out commissioning, etc. All this is either not possible at all or only with significantly more effort.

IFAT | What opportunities do you see in your business sector in this crisis?

Schreier | We are trying to counterbalance these "turbulent" times in the market with a clear, stable brand strategy. This strategy was already presented internally last year and is currently being implemented even more quickly and powerfully. For the brand Doppstadt this means an even stronger focus on the core business of recycling and a corresponding raise of the product portfolio, i. e. the implementation of our clear plan to expand and renew our product range.

Parallel to the SAP implementation, which has just been carried out in our company, the crisis also offers the opportunity to analyze and streamline processes. Today, every minute counts for our customers, and as a manufacturer, we must serve customer needs quickly and optimally. We work according to the Kaizen principle: simply eliminate all steps that do not add value for the customer.


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