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Didier Neuzeret


CEO at ViewPoint Water Biomonitoring


CEO of ViewPoint since 1998, I have always considered that my mission in this world is to offer an expertise to stakeholders working on the major challenges of the planet : Health, Food and Water. Thanks to Viewpoint's worldwide leadership in video image processing, I now share this mission with the team at Viewpoint in offering tools to assess behavior analysis for academic researchers in Neuroscience, ecotoxicology, drugs discovery, plant phenotyping, water quality ... Newly, with ViewPoint Water Biomonitoring and after 8 years of development with INRAE (french National Institute for Research in Agronomy and Environment), the only worldwide multispecies biomonitoring station ToxMate is now available on the market. ToxMate enables to detect invisible pollution in waste water or potable water thanks to the videotracking of aquatic bioindicators. ToxMate detects instantly and 24/7 the presence of contaminants of emerging concern, enabling to assess the impact of micropollutions on our environment and health. Our purpose is to work for the well-being of people and the planet, in a spirit of benevolence and commitment.