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Nanobubbles: An Innovative Solution to Latent Burden of Surfactants on Wastewater Treatment Performance and Energy Efficiency

03.06.2022 at 13:00 - 13:20

Hall B4 | 139/338 | Innovation Stage

Language: English

Type: Lecture

Lecture Description

Surfactants are ubiquitous in wastewaters and can negatively impact the environment and human health because they are not completely removed by common wastewater treatment processes and they can accumulate in the aquatic environment. Wastewater treatment plants using activated sludge systems would benefit greatly from sustainable, chemical-free methods for removing surfactants from wastewater. Industrial scale nanobubble generators have enabled the removal of surfactants from raw wastewater increasing biomass kinetics and oxygen transfer rates, resulting in less energy consumption and paving the way to treatment intensification to deliver reliable, high-quality effluent in a smaller footprint and at a lower operating and capital cost than previously obtainable.